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VeraCore’s January 2023 Holiday Party Was a Smash Success!

Veracore’s 2021-22 Holiday party was held in January 2023 due to the ongoing pandemic. We had initially planned to hold the party in mid-January 2022 but had to cancel due to the Covid Omicron surge. We had reserved the private Space at the Five Corners Bistro in Farmington and finally got to use the deposit in January of 2023. 

The holiday party was attended by all but two of Veracore’s employees, making it the biggest gathering we’ve had since December 2019. Despite the long wait, the atmosphere was full of excitement and joy as everyone was finally able to come together after so long. The food at the Five Corners Bistro was great and received praise from everyone in attendance.

Debbie Sullivan from Veracore’s team coordinated the event and did a fantastic job making sure everything ran smoothly. Michelle Faille was also in attendance and added to the festive atmosphere. To spread some holiday cheer, Veracore also gave out team gifts of VeraCore branded North Face quarter zips pullovers to all employees.

Overall, the Holiday party was a blast and a much-needed break for everyone at Veracore after a challenging year. The good vibes and positive energy were palpable, and it was a wonderful way to end the year and start the new one on a high note.

VeraCore Arrows

VeraCore is SaaS order and warehouse management software trusted by top fulfillment companies and 3PLs. Affordable, flexible, easy to use; VeraCore is everything you need to keep clients happy and run a lean operation.

With VeraCore, you can grow your business and handle any challenge with ease. Rules-based automation enables you to control all aspects of your warehouse operation and satisfy each of your clients’ unique requirements.

Hundreds of fulfillment service providers and 10,000+ fulfillment clients place VeraCore at the “core” of their business to get the job done right, for over 40 years.

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