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Shopify with VeraCore

About the Shopify Integration

The integration connects VeraCore and Shopify with four touchpoints to sync product catalogs and inventory balances, post new Shopify orders into VeraCore for processing, and then send shipment/tracking information for shipped orders back to Shopify for updating.

Our integration with Shopify is configured and run through VeraCore’s Integration Hub, which acts as a control center for most or all of your VeraCore integrations.

How the Touchpoints Work

Product Catalog

When enabled, this touchpoint will sync Shopify SKU definitions with VeraCore. After that, it can be scheduled to run periodically to update VeraCore with any product/SKU changes in Shopify. You can opt to disable the touchpoint to skip the initial sync and have it only run as scheduled.

If you have multiple warehouses in VeraCore and have enabled location logic in the integration setup, products can be activated in specific warehouses.


  • Saves time by automatically creating SKUs
  • Eliminates order failure due to SKU not being created ahead of time

Inventory Balances

VeraCore updates SKU availability in Shopify based on balances in VeraCore’s WMS, helping ensure accurate availability in the storefront.

As Shopify orders import into VeraCore, the products are reserved in our WMS. Then, on a schedule, VeraCore sends inventory balances back to Shopify to update availability there to account for new receipts and any inventory adjustments.

If you have multiple warehouses in VeraCore and have enabled location logic in the integration setup, availability can be sent by WMS/Shopify Location.


  • Ensures accurate inventory balances on Shopify site
  • Ensures inventory balances match between VeraCore & Shopify
  • Eliminates manual inventory updates in Shopify


When payment is resolved for an order in Shopify, Shopify sends the order to VeraCore’s OMS for processing. Then, the fulfillable shipping order is automatically sent to the WMS for further processing and picking. 

After the order is picked and packed, shippers ship the order in VeraCore.


  • Automatically pulls orders into VeraCore from Shopify
  • Eliminates manual intervention or file based imports
  • Only pulls orders for items that you fulfill


Once shipments have been recorded, VeraCore sends the shipment and tracking information back to Shopify to update orders there. Fulfillments that are posted back to Shopify include product and tracking information for all packages shipped. Once Shopify receives the shipment/tracking update, it sends a notification to the customer that their order has shipped.


  • Automatically updates Shopify with shipping information – including tracking IDs
  • Eliminates manual intervention or file based imports
  • Ensures all order & shipping data matches between VeraCore & Shopify

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