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Account Management & Billing

Account management and billing for third-party fulfillment

Keeping up with e-Commerce clients can get expensive and eat up time quickly. E-commerce businesses rely on critical data to run their operation, and they need it fast. If your data isn’t easily accessible to your account reps and clients, your losing valuable time and money. Connecting your users with the data they need, can decrease labor costs associated with answering questions, phone calls, and emails.

Somewhere between supporting your demanding clients, you’re also juggling client billing at the end of every month. Often, this means days spent on pulling reports and performing cumbersome manual calculations. Client billing isn’t easy from varying pricing models, billing cycles, and services performed. If you’re doing work and not tracking it or tracking it in a manual way, you may be leaving money on the table.

You can provide exceptional support and easily manage your monthly billing by eliminating these inefficiencies in your operation.

3PLs often lose clients due to poor service and other internal factors – most of which can be avoided with the right fulfillment solution. Your OMS/WMS should serve as an extension of your business, helping you provide client support with little manual effort on your part.

With VeraCore, you can tame the chaos of e-Commerce fulfillment with technology and tools to help you succeed.

VeraCore Account Management & Billing Capabilities

Account Management

Access to real-time data in your OMS/WMS gives your team members full visibility and control of your operation and allows them to support your clients better.

  • Access to real-time data – Arm your customer service reps with tools that make it easy for them to assist your customers. By providing the data they need, when they need it, your reps will spend less time chasing down other team members, writing emails or making calls. Examples of key data:
    • Inventory Balances
    • Order Statuses
    • Shipping confirmations / Tracking numbers
    • Status of In-bound Inventory
  • Security – Accounts can be assigned to specific customer service reps so that only key team members have access to sensitive client data.
  • Remote Access – Give your off-site team members the same visibility and control as if they were on-site. A SaaS (cloud-based) OMS/WMS allows you to keep your business and clients connected, regardless of where your team is located.
  • Data Control for Client Access – Control the amount of access you give your clients. While one client may want to micromanage every detail, another might rather you handle the responsibility of overseeing their account.

Client Portals

Empower your clients with self-service access. By giving your clients’ access to client portals in your WMS, you can drastically reduce the need for customer service labor, leading to major savings.

  • Self-service access – Give your clients the critical data they need to run their e-Commerce business successfully. By cutting the middle person out you can save valuable time and resources.
  • Real-time data – Through data transparency and robust reporting, you can provide your clients with real-time data so that they can stay in-the-know. Key data including:
    • Inventory Balances
      Order Inquiries
      Shipping confirmations / Tracking numbers
    • Status of In-bound Inventory
  • Account Management – Allow your clients to enter transactions or make adjustments if they want to (ex. ASNs, ad-hoc orders, order adjustments).
  • User-friendly Reports – Make it easy for busy clients to view and analyze data with a user-friendly OMS interface.

Fulfillment Billing

Successfully scale your fulfillment business by reducing unnecessary expenditures so you can become a leaner and more efficient operation.

  • Billing Automation – Automate your invoicing process to easily decrease costs, labor and time.
  • Comprehensive Billing – Track and bill for all fulfillment-related services to ensure no money is left on the table. VeraCore tracks all billable activities performed in your warehouse, big or small.
  • Detailed Invoice Backup – Generate invoices that are substantiated by detailed backup data and spend less time debating charges with clients.
  • Billing Scheduling – Control when invoices are generated, either on demand or on a set schedule (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).
  • Accessorial fees – Bill for the additional work you do (ex. palletizing, shrink wrapping, relabeling products) so you can get paid accurately for your services.
  • Accounting Integrations – Easily integrate with your account software by way of APIs or file-based integrations.

The VeraCore Guarantee

VeraCore has evolved over four decades in fulfillment. We believe this longevity speaks to the power of our people and our capabilities.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, you can cancel within your first 90 days.

  • Terminate for any reason
  • No obligation to pay recurring fees
  • No questions asked

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