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Smart Shipping

Streamline your shipping process and enhance the delivery experience.

What Makes Our Solutions Smart?

VeraCore Shipping is a comprehensive end-to-end shipping solution that seamlessly integrates with major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL for the generation of small parcel shipping labels.  
The system offers enhanced efficiency by allowing order completion within VeraCore itself, eliminating the need for costly integrations with other products. Furthermore, there are no additional fees for supplementary products, making the solution more cost-effective.  
With options for both batch processing and individual processing, VeraCore Shipping streamlines the shipping process, catering to the diverse needs of your business. 

Companies who have made the switch to VeraCore Shipping have reduced their labor and IT spend by as much as 19%!

VeraCore’s Smart Shipping Capabilities are:

Small Parcel Shipping Label Generation

With just a few simple clicks, you can save valuable time on shipping logistics, streamlining the entire process for greater efficiency.

Rapid label production

Quickly produce discounted shipping labels for all your online orders with ease. By identifying the optimal rate, you can choose to print individual labels or process orders in batches for swift multi-label generation.

Carrier integrations

VeraCore integrates with a wide variety of carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and others, providing you with more options and flexibility when choosing the best shipping solution for your business.

All-in-one system, no need to pay for two systems

Comprehensive end-to-end shipping solution that runs right in your WMS, which eliminates the need for costly integrations with other products

Rate Shopping

Automatic rate shopping

Assesses the order's weight, dimensions, and destination to select the most cost-effective carrier and service​

Improves customer relationships

by reducing their freight costs and transit times for their orders

Freight Account Management

Give your customers peace of mind knowing their inventory is always accounted for and data is complete and accurate.

Centralized management of freight accounts

VeraCore consolidates all of your shipping needs into a single, user-friendly platform, making it easy to manage your freight accounts and your clients’ freight accounts across multiple carriers and sales channels. This centralization simplifies the shipping process and allows for better visibility and control.

Automated billing

Automatically bill each order to the appropriate freight account using VeraCore. Eliminate the need for warehouse staff to make the selection when processing shipments, saving you time and reducing errors.

Ensuring accuracy

VeraCore allows you to make sure you use the correct freight account for each order based on automated rules. Your team on the warehouse floor does not need to make any decisions.

Discounted Shipping Services

Take advantage of discounts

By using discounted shipping services like UPS Surepost, UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx OneRate, and USPS Flat Rate Pricing, you and your clients can save money on shipping costs.

Address Validation

Reduce the number of returned packages

Validating addresses helps to reduce the number of bounced or returned packages due to issues with delivery. This saves you time and money and also improves the customer experience, eliminating the frustration of having to deal with a lost or delayed package.

Reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions

Address validation flags suspicious addresses, such as those that are incomplete or do not match the billing address provided by the customer.

Enhance the Delivery Experience 

VeraCore aims to transform the delivery experience from the instant a customer submits an order. By offering reassurance through an exceptional delivery journey, it ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers, fostering trust and satisfaction throughout the entire process.  

With VeraCore Shipping, you can streamline your shipping process and enhance the delivery experience for your customers. 

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