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Smart Warehouse Management

3PL fulfillment for e-Commerce: Optimized with smart warehouse management.

What Makes Our Warehousing Management Smart?

Consumers today expect nothing less than a perfect e-Commerce experience. Everyday, third-party fulfillment centers like yours orchestrate getting the right product to the right person at exactly the right time. However, delivering a seamless e-Commerce fulfillment experience can be riddled with headaches and costly errors.

To keep your clients happy and protect your bottom line, you’ll need smart warehouse software that is powerful, flexible and intelligent enough to work for your unique warehouse and client needs. VeraCore’s smart warehousing management is the foundation of our smart 3PL fulfillment platform and successfully streamlines key touch points within your warehouse operation while completely eliminating inefficiencies.

VeraCore’s Smart Warehouse Management Capabilities are:


Efficiently receive inventory from all your clients and suppliers to ensure the inventory you manage is always accurate and accounted for.

Advanced Shipping Notices

Receive advanced shipping notices from your clients’ suppliers so you can plan for inventory deliveries and process them quickly when they arrive on the dock.


Validate inbound inventory and record receipts so you can get products into the warehouse with ease.


Take advantage of automated put-away recommendations or let your team decide where to locate inventory. You can use built-in quality controls to confirm inventory is placed in the correct location.


Manage and control the end-to-end order fulfillment process so you can stay on top of tight deadlines and SLA’s.

Order Capture

Process orders faster by easily accepting orders using plug n’ play integrations with e-Commerce shopping carts and marketplaces, automatic file imports, and a robust API suite for your more tech-savvy clients.


Optimize your picking workflow to maximize pick throughput while reducing error rates and keeping customers happy.

Quality Control

Rely on out-of-the-box QC tools with barcode scanning. You can eliminate the need for manual checks, saving you time and reducing costly errors.


Provide your customers with flexible shipping options and allow your team to quickly generate shipping labels with your preferred carriers or multi-carrier TMS.

Inventory Control

Give your customers peace of mind knowing their inventory is always accounted for and data is complete and accurate.


Utilize barcode technology and wireless devices to track every inventory transaction – providing you and your clients with real-time visibility into your warehouse.

Lot Control

Satisfy clients by providing granular tracking of inventory lots or perishables with expiration dates (ex. food or pharmaceuticals). Easily handle recalls with reporting that identifies which customers received recalled products.

Serial Number Tracking

Record and track specific inventory with serial numbers (ex. gift cards, electronics)

Cycle Counting

Schedule periodic inventory counts to ensure your clients meet client requirements.

Flexible Reporting

Run both real-time and historical point-in-time reports to accurately manage inventory and satisfy your clients’ reporting needs.


Keep clients happy by tackling their complex and unique requests like kits, product bundles, special deals or cross-promotions.

Kit Assembly

Assemble kits based on your needs (pre-built, built on-demand, custom kits). Save on labor costs by only building only what’s needed and maximize warehouse space by only storing what’s necessary.


Track the inventory going into the kit including in-depth lot tracking for perishables.

Automate Assembly

Utilize Intelligent Automation to set up kit parameters to define how kits should be handled. Automating the kitting process will remove the guesswork and uncertainty from assembly, saving you from wasting labor and warehouse space.

Reports and Dashboards

Real-time access to data is essential to running your fulfillment business and your client’s businesses. Having the data you need when you need it will help you and your clients make better business decisions.

WMS Dashboard

Stay on top of your warehouse with a dashboard that gives you a global view of workloads and active orders. You’ll gain the high-level visibility you need to keep up with unshipped orders and strict SLAs.

On-Demand Reports

Arm your account reps with answers by providing a variety of easily accessible reports like Order detail, Product summary, and Daily receiving logs.

Customized Reports

Satisfy your client’s specific and unique reporting needs by giving them the data they need in the format/presentation they need it in. Your clients can devote less time to sorting through data and spend more time analyzing the results to support their business decisions.

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