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Simplifying Integration for Seamless 3PL Warehouse Operations

Today’s 3PL warehouse operations need to meet the needs of not only their clients but those of the end consumer. As a result, the challenge is on to find ways to create error-free shipping experiences, visible order tracking, improved inventory management, and up-to-date information sharing. The only way to do this is to create a technology stack that allows you to overcome integration challenges. Here, we look at how simplifying integration between systems can enhance overall productivity and efficiency using an integrated warehouse management system (WMS).

Start with the Right Application Programming Interface (API)

APIs define interactions between software systems, including orders, accounting, shopping carts, e-commerce platforms, inventory, billing, and other data for seamless operations. The API allows these systems to talk to each other, which is the basis of integration. When you can easily integrate critical applications, you create streamlined workflows to improve efficiency and save time and money. Managing integrations for all your clients should include capabilities to add integrations, manage integration exceptions, and remove integrations to meet your client’s needs.

E-Commerce Integration

Innovative warehouse software manages both your needs and your client’s needs seamlessly. A WMS provides the foundation for a streamlined fulfillment platform that integrates all touch points in the e-commerce process, including:

  • Inbound functionality to efficiently receive inventory from clients and suppliers for accurate real-time inventory counts
  • Advanced shipping notices so you can plan for inventory deliveries 
  • Validating inbound inventory and recording receipts for quick, efficient putaways using recommendations for locations
  • Reduced errors using quality controls to confirm inventory is placed in the correct location
  • Managing and controlling an end-to-end order fulfillment process based on SLAs
  • Plug ‘n play integrations with e-Commerce shopping carts and marketplaces
  • Optimized workflows to maximize pick throughput and reduce errors
  • Reliable Quality Control tools with barcode scanning to eliminate manual checks and errors
  • Shipping labels with integration with your preferred carriers or multi-carrier TMS

Inventory Control Integration

Inventory accuracy provides peace of mind for clients who can enjoy the following benefits of inventory control integration:

  • Barcode technology and wireless devices to track every inventory transaction for real-time visibility
  • Granular tracking of inventory lots and serial numbers to easily handle recalls
  • Periodic inventory count scheduling to ensure inventory requirements are met
  • Real-time and historical point-in-time reports to accurately manage inventory and provide accurate reporting, including on-demand reports for Order detail, Product summary, and Daily receiving logs

Complex Order Fulfillment

Even complex kitting is made more accessible by simplifying integration. You can meet the needs for client request kits, product bundles, special deals, or cross-promotions using Intelligent Automation to set up kit parameters. You can define how kits should be handled to eliminate the guesswork that wastes time and costs more in labor.

You also optimize warehouse space by introducing strategies for pre-built kits so you only store what’s necessary. With inventory integration, you can understand customer orders to create improved picking methods with priority locations based on frequency, trends, and other criteria.

Carrier and Shipping Integration

Simplifying integration with carriers makes it easy for your team to select the best real-time shipping solutions. With an integrated end-to-end shipping solution run from your WMS, you avoid costly integrations with other products. Instead, you can enjoy benefits such as automatic rate shopping and consolidated shipping functions to manage your and your clients’ freight accounts from a centralized system.

This is critical when using multiple carriers and sales channels where losing control and visibility is easier. Your clients also benefit from discounted shipping costs, while your accounting team enjoys the convenience of automatic billing to each freight account. Warehouse staff are also removed from processing shipment decisions, reducing costs and errors. You set automated rules that inform warehouse staff of the right shipping decisions based on the criteria you set.

Total Connectivity and Automation

If you use other administrative systems, you can integrate them to maintain efficiencies in your fulfillment process, including accounting and CRM. You can define rules that ensure proper workflows to reduce errors and labor costs, including:

  • Order batching
  • Order prioritization
  • Shipping method selection
  • Backorders
  • Multiple distribution centers

Rules can also be set to identify inventory shortfalls and dictate how you handle backorders. You can also introduce approval criteria into your order workflow to ensure orders are held back if they meet approval criteria.

You can overcome integration woes when your WMS plays nice with carrier systems, shopping cart/e-commerce platforms, CRMs, accounting software, and whatever platforms you need. The process is simplified with seamless, efficient operations, enabling disparate systems to interact and efficiently share critical information from orders to inventory counts.

VeraCore Arrows

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