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If your third-party logistics team fails to keep up with customer demand, you won’t provide the level of customer satisfaction they need to reach their goals. Delays in communication and problem resolution quickly lead to dissatisfaction, causing client issues and damaging your reputation. Learn more about the impact of slow response times on 3PL customer satisfaction, with tips to improve your communication and performance. 

3PLs need to establish themselves as problem-solving providers that help clients save time and money. As a result, you need to assess their needs to understand where you can provide the most value. Finding the best order-picking method to see immediate efficiencies proves your worth. Learn more about discrete order picking versus multi-line/batch orders to help you decide which system will establish better cost and time savings. 

As a 3PL manager, you know human error is the biggest disruptor of any warehouse. When depending strictly on human expertise, third-party logistics providers increase the risk of time-wasting, costly mistakes, and delays. Learn 5 reasons why relying solely on human expertise in 3PL can be risky and how incorporating technology and automation helps overcome common efficiency challenges. 

As a 3PL, you are responsible for improving your clients’ customer experience. Unfortunately, E-commerce competition is fierce, with finicky customers unwilling to bend when it comes to seamless, flawless experiences. As a result, you need to streamline your order-checking process. Here we share tips to leverage automation to simplify order checking. We also explain how technology reduces the risk of errors and improves efficiency while improving customer satisfaction and your reputation. 

Quality control in third-party logistics helps ensure accuracy and consistency in warehouse management. As a result, you can maintain strong relationships throughout the supply chain. As the last mile provider in the manufacturer-to-end user process, your operations must optimize efficiency and ensure products are delivered without issues. Here we explain the importance of quality control and share tips to improve quality control measures for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. 

In the competitive landscape of third-party logistics, it helps to have an edge offering your clients relief from rising shipping costs. Here we look at the importance of lower shipping rates, how they help 3PLs stay competitive, and share tips to reduce rates and improve customer satisfaction. 

As a third-party logistic owner, your team can be held up by clients who don’t understand the importance of good customer service. You can only be as effective as your client’s processes, which means it can be helpful to recognize signs of poor customer service to help correct them. Here we look at how to identify and address bad customer service as a 3PL.


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