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The Benefits of Scanning Technology in a 3PL Warehouse 

Today, 3PL customers expect their providers to adopt state-of-the-art operational processes. Leveraging the power of scanning technology and third-party logistics software facilitates quick delivery and reduces human errors. As a result, sellers become more competitive in the pricing arena due to improved productivity and third-party logistics efficiencies. Whether you deliver directly to the consumer or to a series of marketplaces, you need to remain competitive. Here we look at the 3PL benefits of scanning technology and how it keeps you more agile to meet the needs of your customers. 

Efficient Tracking From Point A to Point B 

Shipping barcodes allow 3PLs to track inventory from the point of order to delivery. Whether you serve e-Commerce distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, or merchants, getting products to the delivery point is easier when you use barcodes for inventory and tracking purposes. 3PL logistics scanning avoids delays, prevents fines with large retailers like Walmart, and helps guarantee inventory is accurately identified throughout each touchpoint. Barcodes are scanned when they arrive, when they are picked and packed, and when placed in the hands of the carrier. 

Easier Returns 

If your 3PL manages returns, you can scan the barcode to speed up the receiving process. The product is also reentered into the inventory without delay. This improves customer service while ensuring you understand your return rates and maintain accurate, real-time inventory counts. 

Real-time Data Collection 

Warehouse scanners work with a 3PL warehouse management system, reducing data entry and providing real-time data. You not only reduce paperwork and the chance of error but also increase the speed of data collection. As a result, you ensure you always have access to the numbers you need to make better decisions.  Warehouse teams can increase the flow of information, whether it is needed within the 3PL function or for your customers, through integrated management systems. 

Reduced Errors 

Data capture is improved and becomes more accurate across all touchpoints, including receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory management. However, you also reap the benefits of automated processes throughout the supply chain. Improved visibility at each stage and for all team members ensures accountability, and identifying weak links in the chain. Automation reduces human errors, especially in tracking inventory, counting, and correct picking, thanks to barcodes. You always know when stock is received, is picked, and arrives at the destination, no guesswork. 

Decreased Costs 

Because scanning technology makes it easier to process orders and reduces errors, you see a lower cost per order. You rarely need to correct costly errors, saving you money on shipping costs to receive incorrect orders and reship them. When looking at all the efficiencies, you also reduce labor costs across the board for each order and all inventory-related activities. Scanners reduce employee training costs as everything is automated, making it easier for new team members to step into their roles quickly. You also automatically trigger order volume thresholds, ensuring you proactively manage labor hours and can inform customers of additional fees. 

Improved Customer Service 

When you can deliver orders more efficiently, you improve the customer experience, whether you deliver directly to the consumer or to a vendor. You build a reputation as a trusted brand and maintain transparency throughout the entire order process. Easier return policies also build trust, bringing added value to your customers’ brands. 

Leveraging Wireless for Improved Efficiency 

Wireless capable scanners can be used anywhere in the warehouse, improving efficiency with less walk time required. With on-the-spot scanning, you can see improved efficiency to prevent delays and reduce the number of hires and overtime for larger volumes due to events such as sales or seasonal demand for the holidays. If your 3PL passes on labor costs to your customers for major projects, you can reduce these costs when wireless technology is used. As a result, you can prove your worth and ensure you maintain existing customers while also having data to show ongoing cost savings to potential customers. 

Long-Range Scanning to Capture More Information 

Long-range scanners allow your 3PL to capture more information efficiently, regardless of the location. Warehouse teams don’t have to take extra steps to read barcodes 25 to 75 feet up, and instead can scan inventory without a reach truck. This contributes to improved data capture, reduced labor costs, and improved efficiency. It also allows warehouse teams to identify and confirm something is in stock, which in turn improves customer service. 

Scanning technology and third-party logistics software empower your business to achieve scalability, reduce costs, improve customer service, and make data-driven decisions. It also ensures you remain competitive in an industry dependent on scanning and barcode technology. 

We’re Here to Help

Fulfillment software is designed to help you work smarter. It’s meant to take away some of the pressure of running a successful warehouse so you can focus on making the big decisions. 

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