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A Case Study :

How a Full-Service 3PL Almost Doubled Its Order Volume with VeraCore

VeraCore has allowed us to become more efficient, reduced our overall labor cost, and enabled us to continue our year-on-year growth.

Rob Tompkins

CEO & President, Landis Logistics

The Company

Founded in 1995, Landis Logistics is a full-service, third-party fulfillment provider dedicated to helping companies across a wide range of industries maximize the efficiency of their supply chain operations. Their integrated turnkey offerings run the full gamut of supply chain services, from warehousing and inventory management to customized pick and pack and bulk fulfillment.

The Challenge

Landis was using an older warehouse management system (WMS) that was inflexible and difficult to work with. It limited their ability to fulfill orders daily, and many processes had to be done manually.

Slow Processes

Landis could only manage around 500 orders daily due to issues such as a lack of automated batch packing (which had to be done manually) and slow file upload speed. If a file failed to upload, the system would not send an alert, so more time was spent trying to identify and resolve the failure. 

Onboarding new customers was equally time-consuming, taking an average of four to six weeks. Accelerated implementation was also not always available as the previous software provider, not Landis, did the initial account set-up. The software provider was also responsible for setting up any new API connections to third-party vendors, another process prone to delays. 

Landis also spent significant time handling end-of-month billing, a crucial and regular part of business for any 3PL. Their WMS did not cover billing, so invoicing took their team days to complete.

Lack of Customization

Landis’ previous WMS did not allow much customization. For example, reporting, a function central to any fulfillment business, was limited to a handful of standard templates. Anything custom had to be adapted by the software provider. This prevented customers from being promptly notified of any relevant data or issues with their orders. 

It also didn’t allow for customized pick and pack slips. With more customers requesting specific information on their slips, Landis had to find ways to tailor slips to certain customers without affecting the slips of others.

Insufficient Support

With more customization required, Landis was relying more and more on their software provider to help them accommodate customer requests. However, they only had access to one support representative who handled the entire account. While having a dedicated representative does have its benefits, it translated to slow response times and delayed customizations.

The Solution

As demand for quick and efficient fulfillment grew, Landis realized they risked falling behind. They needed a more robust and flexible system that would help them speed up fulfillment and accommodate custom requests promptly.

After being impressed by the speed of VeraCore’s system during a live test, Landis switched to VeraCore in 2016. 

“We selected VeraCore as it allowed us to have full control of the implementation process and increase the efficiency of our pack-out process,” said Rob Tompkins, CEO & President of Landis Logistics. “We liked that it allows us to implement our own programs and customize the business rules for order and warehouse management.”

The Result

VeraCore has made our life easier. After switching to VeraCore, we have a lot less stress and a lot less hassle. In our five years and more that we’ve worked with VeraCore, there hasn’t been a situation that the team has not been able to handle.

Rob Tompkins

CEO & President, Landis Logistics

After making the switch, Landis experienced significant improvements in how they ran the warehouse, from order fulfillment to customer support. Orders are processed faster and thus shipped faster, creating a better experience for their customers.

Faster Processes

“Before, we could just manage around 500 orders a day. After we implemented VeraCore, we had no issue handling 2,500 to 3,000 orders a day on an eight-hour shift,” said Rob. Thanks to improvements such as automated batch picking and pack stations, products are being packed and moved out the door faster. 

Their speed wasn’t the only thing that improved; Landis also noticed a significant improvement in their accuracy. With their old system, pick and pack accuracy hovered around 90%. Now, they’re consistently reaching an accuracy rate of 99.7% and above at all picking stations due to the pack station technology VeraCore provides.

With Landis now in control of their own onboarding and implementation timelines, customers are now met with incredibly fast turnarounds. Onboarding now takes an average of one week or less. As a testament to the now much simpler process, Landis quickly transitioned over 100 customers into the new VeraCore system during the initial migration. 

Billing is also now easier than ever. VeraCore’s billing features include automated invoices and comprehensive billing that tracks all billable activities performed in the warehouse – even the tiny, easily forgotten charges. As a result, Landis has recovered a full day each month that was previously dedicated to end-of-month invoicing, allowing the team to focus less on bills and more on customer support.

Better Customization

With VeraCore’s robust reporting system, Rob’s team can create unlimited custom reports using one platform. Customers now receive information about their products quickly and accurately with details unique to their business. 

This customization also extends to pick and pack slips. Each customer now has a separate account on the database, so pick and pack slips can be customized according to their individual needs. Likewise, each customer’s respective API connections can now be set up in minutes.

Great Support

With VeraCore, Landis now has an entire support team with years of experience behind them, greatly reducing waiting times and ensuring a fast resolution to any issues. 

“VeraCore treats us like a true partner, ensuring our needs are addressed and taking time to understand our unique business challenges. This, in turn, helps us give our customers a smooth experience, and they’re happier for it,” Rob said.

Landis switched to VeraCore in 2016. Since the transition, business has improved significantly. Thanks to VeraCore, Landis has nearly doubled the number of customers they service, with more customers signing on each year. 

In fact, during the 2022 peak season, the team was able to speed up the overall packing process, eliminate any unnecessary manual steps and handle high demand thanks to VeraCore’s new pack station technology. “The system is fast and responsive, with no lags or downtime. It’s been very reliable during peak season,” said Rob.

Warehouse and Order Management for Third-party Fulfillment

See how we help third-party fulfillment warehouses eliminate inefficiencies in their operation with software that allows their business to thrive and keeps customers happy.

Scheduling Your Veracore Fulfillment Demo Is Easy

And gain better insight to upscale your 3PL fulfillment operations.

Warehouse and Order Management for Third-party Fulfillment

See how we help third-party fulfillment warehouses eliminate inefficiencies in their operation with software that allows their business to thrive and keeps customers happy.

Scheduling Your Veracore Fulfillment Demo Is Easy

And gain better insight to upscale your 3PL fulfillment operations.

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