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7 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing 3PL Software

Every business is unique, so switching 3PL software providers may make more sense for some companies than others. Keep reading to find out the 7 critical things to consider when choosing 3PL Software.  

7 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing 3PL Software 

Lower Risk for Error 

When you rely on manual processes to fulfill orders, you risk confronting human error along the way. As data passes from one stage to the next, it’s important to keep customer details secure. When choosing a 3PL software provider, think about the potential risks you might encounter in the workflow of your operation and how third-party fulfillment software can help to reduce those risks. 3PL software automatically stores and processes all data to prevent costly human errors.  

Configuration and Scalability 

Another critical thing to consider when choosing 3PL software is the configuration and scalability features of the software. If your 3PL software cannot be easily configured, then it is not right for your business. The configurability and scalability of 3PL software makes for no-hassle transactions that can be scaled according to the needs of the individual client. On top of that, if your company receives new inventory, adds a new fulfillment client or enters another market, your 3PL software can support your specific needs regardless of how fast you grow your business.  

Reduced Costs 

Expensive 3PL software can be a financial drain on your business and may render some essential options inaccessible. It’s crucial to find the right choice for your bottom line without compromising necessary elements of 3PL software. One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a 3PL software is how they can reduce your business costs. The cost of onboarding new clients can be add up fast, with 3PL software you can onboard for minimal cost. With business costs lower, you can lower shipping costs for clients and stay competitive in the market.  

Increased Transparency 

A third-party logistics deal requires trust and understanding between you and your customer because they are giving their supply chain to another company. When choosing your 3PL software provider, any features such as customer support, service costs, and amenities should be as transparent as possible. It’s never a fun surprise to have unexpected costs arise long after implementing your new 3PL software. It’s critical to choose a 3PL provider you can trust, that way you can focus on growing the core of your business instead of how you’re going to get products to customers. 

Improved Customer Support 

When settling with a 3PL software provider, another critical aspect to consider is the degree of customer service they strive to deliver. 3PL software can track orders and shipments from beginning to end, meaning your customer will be able to track shipments in real time and easily make returns. With 3PL software, you’ll have the self-service tools you need to easily serve your clients. If any questions of complications arise, your 3PL software provider is there ready with the right solution. With the right 3PL warehouse software, you’ll find customer support improving; therefore, reducing overhead costs and workload of employees.  


Efficiency is just about one of the most important factors to consider when searching for a 3PL software provider. Tedious, slow software will only impact logistics, waste hard-earned capital, and lower productivity. An inefficient system can be devastating to your business and brand reputation. When choosing 3PL warehouse software, you should aim to find one that increases your efficiency and reduces burdens across your organization. Choosing the right logistics is a sure way to make or break your business’s efficiency, good logistics should aim to improve warehouse capabilities, management, and customer relationships.  

Billing Functionality 

Your business is only as functional as its billing capabilities. Billing functions are one of the most common and critical features among 3PL software solutions, so you’ll want to validate that your provider has billing functions that are accurate and on-time. The ability to bill automatically ensures invoices are never misplaced or unpaid.  

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