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VeraCore’s Version Control & Lot Tracking

A product that is stored in a warehouse and ordered by individuals might change in subtle ways over time. For example, a financial services company’s brochure describing the annuities it sells needs periodic updating to highlight the latest investment returns. While that specific information is refreshed, the brochure itself remains essentially the same. In this example, the company’s annuities brochure has undergone a version change.

VeraCore enables fulfillment service providers to effectively manage Product Version Control – the process used in fulfillment to identify and track relatively minor revisions, or version changes, made to a product. Topics covered in this whitepaper will be:

  • The elements of product version control
  • Lot tracking
  • Product version control and kits
  • A day in the life of an annuity brochure

Whether fulfillment services are the core of your business or a growing profit center, the discussion in this white paper will be of interest to you.

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