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Order Management Software Makes Fulfillment Billing Easy

Improve invoice turnaround by automatically calculating fulfillment billing charges

“Fulfillment” can consist of a variety of services, including, among others, storage, taking orders (through various channels), kitting, on-demand printing, picking, packing, shipping and processing returns. Whatever the type of fulfillment services you are providing to your customers, how you keep track of these services and ensure you are paid promptly for all of the work you do is obviously critical.

Your fulfillment system must support your complete billing needs, whether you are billing your customers based on your standard billing metrics, requirements defined in a customer’s RFP or another method.

Of course, the more quickly and accurately you can compile billing data, more quickly you get paid. Therefore, your fulfillment system must provide comprehensive data to support your billing. For a detailed discussion of the comprehensive billing capabilities that VeraCore provides, we are offering the white paper below.

The topics covered in this white paper include managing the billing complexities associated with:

  • Tracking Storage
  • Tracking Activity
  • Special Projects
  • Freight

Whether fulfillment services are the core of your business or a growing profit center, the discussion in this white paper will be of interest to you.

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