Marketing Service Provider

The order fulfillment software solution for MSP's

As a Marketing Service Provider, you offer a wide array of services designed to support the marketing of your clients' products, services or brand. Fulfillment may already be included in your suite of services. If it is not, it should be!

Managing your clients’ ongoing fulfillment programs will provide you with ongoing revenue streams that will help to insulate your business from the up and down nature of other project-oriented work that you do.

For each of the services you provide, you want to use the best tools available for the job at hand. For fulfillment, choose VeraCore!

Here are just a few of the ways that VeraCore can help:

Sales & Marketing Literature Fulfillment

Fulfillment programs managed by MSP’s often center on fulfilling orders for sales and marketing literature, and some valuable premium items. Your clients need an easy way for their dealers or sales reps to request materials. Providing an online ordering platform with VeraCore will do just that. To prevent zealous reps from over ordering, you may also need to enforce budgets governing the amounts they can order. 


Customer Service

Fulfillment is a service industry and providing good customer service is crucial to your long-term success. To ensure the effectiveness of your customer service representatives, you must equip them with tools that make it easy for them to assist your customers. Better yet, allow your clients self-serve access to the information they need. 



As a Marketing Service Provider, you perform a broad range of fulfillment activities for your clients. Billing metrics typically vary by client, which can prove challenging when it is time to bill them for the work you’ve done. The ability to easily track all billable activity will reduce the time it takes to generate invoices and help to ensure that you are paid promptly. 


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