In-Plant Printer

The order fulfillment software solution for in-plant printers

If you’re managing an in-plant fulfillment operation you’re subject to the same challenges and pressures as any other fulfillment service provider. The only difference is that your company is your customer – or customers if you’re servicing multiple division of the organization.

You need to ensure the timely, accurate production and distribution of the firm’s materials to a variety of audiences. You may also need to provide tools to empower marketing managers to plan and execute their campaigns, all while doing everything you can to keep operational costs down.

Here are just a few of the ways that VeraCore can help:


Literature Fulfillment IconSales Force Logistics:

Your marketing department needs to get your company’s sales collateral and marketing materials to your field reps, dealers or agents. You can make this easy by providing an online ordering platform. You can also enable the marketing team to define restrictions governing which items a user can access, the amounts that they can order and how frequently they can order. 


Version Tracking IconVersion Tracking:

In some cases, you may need to manage products for which multiple versions exist. The marketing team will need control over when each version can or cannot be used, and the priority in which they should be used. Your production team needs tools to ensure the right version is used for every single order you ship and kit that you build. 


Barcode Scanner IconPicking Strategies:

Labor is one of the largest costs in a fulfillment operation. In order to control labor costs, you need to make sure that your picking and packing processes are as efficient as possible. However, the best approach to picking and packing may vary based on order volumes, the type of product or other specific scenarios. 



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