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The software solution for fulfillment companies

Managing a fulfillment business presents numerous challenges. With VeraCore, you’ll have the tools to meet these challenges head on.

In all likelihood, you service a diverse client base with varied needs; every program is different. Your order fulfillment software system should be powerful enough to handle your most complex accounts and flexible enough to meet your clients’ needs without requiring custom programming for every new client.

Below are just a few of the things VeraCore will help you with:

VeraCore integrates with leading shopping cartsOrder Imports

Fulfillment companies need the ability import orders from external systems. Because there are so many types of systems used to collect orders (e.g. shopping carts, ECP's, CRM’s, ERP’s, etc.) your fulfillment software will need to be capable of receiving orders in a variety of formats and through various means of data transfer. VeraCore has already been integrated with many of the leading commercial shopping carts, including Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Bigcommerce and more. In addition, VeraCore enables you to easily map your file formats into the system – without doing any programming. 


Intelligent Order Processing

Many of your clients require that certain orders be treated differently than other orders if certain specific conditions are met. With VeraCore’s powerful “rules engine”, you have the ability to automate order processing decision making, improve accuracy, and save money! 


Warehouse Management

Success in fulfillment is dependent on inventory control, accuracy and your ability to fulfill the orders in the most efficient manner possible. The picking and packing strategies that you pursue may vary based on the client or the type of material being fulfilled. The opportunity to save time and money by automating decision making extends to the floor of your warehouse. 


VeraCore Fulfillment Billing ImageFulfillment Billing

Billing metrics typically vary by client, which can prove challenging when it is time to bill them for the work you’ve done. The ability to easily track all billable activity will reduce the time it takes to generate invoices. Better still, automating your fulfillment invoicing process can help to ensure that you are paid promptly! 


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