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"Best in Class" fulfillment software for printing companies

Fulfillment is an important revenue-generating activity for printers

Done right, fulfillment provides a steady stream of income and strengthens your relationships with your print clients. Doing it "right" means using the right tools for the job.

If you’re serious about fulfillment, you need a serious system. The print management system that you use to run your business may have some basic tools for managing finished goods inventory, or even a “module” for fulfillment. However, a “module” isn’t sufficient to handle the complexities of a high value-add, multi-client fulfillment operation.

The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution is designed to handle all of the complexities of your clients’ fulfillment programs and provides tools to accurately and efficiently manage everything happening in your fulfillment warehouse.

In addition, VeraCore has been integrated with many of the leading web-to-print software systems. These integrations enable you to offer clients one-stop-shopping for ordering both inventoried and on-demand items, as well as tools to marry your digital printing and pick & pack workflows.

Printers in the VeraCore user community have adopted a "best of breed" strategy for fulfillment software, enabling them to manage many types of fulfillment programs for a wide range of industry verticals. Common examples include:

Sales & Marketing Literature Fulfillment

Getting your clients sales collateral and marketing materials into the right hands at the right time is critical to their business. You need to make it easy by providing an online ordering platform for the clients’ sales reps. You may even need to enforce restrictions governing which items a user can access, the amount they can order and how frequently they can order. 

Kit Assembly Programs

There are many markets that require extensive kitting. Common examples include assembly of enrollment packages for an insurance client, investment packages for a financial services firm, or binders of educational materials for a client’s industry events. Learn more about how VeraCore will handle your clients’ complex kitting projects. 

Store Profiling

The market for POS/POP fulfillment presents enormous opportunities for printers, as chain restaurants and retailers need to get regular updates of signage and other POS materials to their stores. This also presents some unique challenges as the type and quantity of graphics sent to each store can vary based on many factors such as market, store size, layout, etc. VeraCore makes is easy to define and maintain the profiles of each store and efficiently manage the rollouts of the new in-store graphics. 

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