Sales Force Logistics

Sales and Marketing Supply Chain Management

Help clients empower their sales force while maintaining control over brand assets

To help attract new customers and retain current ones, companies often create sales collateral, such as brochures, kits, point-of-purchase aids or sample product, that are provided to their sales representatives or to potential customers.

Within the literature fulfillment industry, Sales Force Logistics refers to the overall process of distributing a company’s sales collateral to where it is needed while adhering to the company’s protocols governing its limitations and approval requirements.

Without the proper tools, managing Sales Force Logistics can be extremely challenging. VeraCore enables literature fulfillment service providers to create value for their clients by automating the decision making associated with collateral distribution and limiting the need for manual review of orders.

For a more in-depth discussion on the benefits of using a comprehensive sales and marketing collateral fulfillment software solution to manage Sales Force Logistics, we are offering the white paper below, which demonstrates how VeraCore enables you to overcome what has traditionally been considered time-consuming and costly.

Topics covered in this white paper will be:

  • Control/Limit Recipients
  • Product-Specific & Budget-Based Controls
  • Order Limits
  • Approval Management

Whether literature fulfillment services are the core of your business or a growing profit center, the discussion in this white paper will be of interest to you. To request this white paper, please complete the following:


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