Continuity Fulfillment

Order Management Software with Continuity Fulfillment

Auto-ship orders to create steady streams of revenue

In the e-commerce world, sellers work hard to attract buyers to their products. After attracting the buyer, the sellers must make it easy for the buyer to make an initial purchase and encourage them to make repeat purchases. One way to do this is by offering flexible purchase options, including the ability to sign up for automatic repeat shipments of the product. This type of option is commonly referred to as "Auto-Ship" or "Continuity" fulfillment, and it is a powerful tool for both sellers and fulfillment service providers.

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Auto-Ship or Continuity Fulfillment Benefits:

Easy for the consumer to purchase the products they need, whether they’re the same every time or change.

Steady Revenue
Provides the seller with a steady stream of revenue and generates orders for the service provider to fulfill on an ongoing basis.


The following white paper will review several types of opportunities available to fulfillment service providers with software systems capable of effectively managing continuity programs.

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