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Verde Fulfillment Successfully Scales Up 

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Small VeraCore Arrow About Verde Fulfillment
Verde was started in 2007 by Greg McRoberts with an idea of how to make a better order fulfillment company. He started with a small 10,000 square-foot warehouse, a pallet of hammocks, a desk and a computer. Over the next ten years, Verde has grown to 80,000 square-feet, 50 employees and a plethora of clients from around the globe. The original values of the company are still in place today... “Deliver the absolute best customer service in the industry.”
Small VeraCore Arrow Overview
Verde Fulfillment began their VeraCore implementation in 2014. After evaluating their long-term goals, they determined that they would need a more powerful system in place in order to handle their already high and growing volumes. With VeraCore, they were able to not only process these high quantities of orders, but set themselves up for future success and provide customers with exceptional reporting capabilities.

Small VeraCore Arrow The Challenge

Verde Fulfillment was growing rapidly and needed strong technology in place to meet their goals. In evaluating a new fulfillment system, the Verde team knew that they would need a robust, reliable solution in place that could keep up with increasing volumes and incorporate more automation into their fulfillment process. They were looking for a system which was constantly being improved upon to include the latest advancements and innovations.
The ability to handle high volumes was a top priority. When Verde was selecting a fulfillment system, they were handling roughly 350 orders per day. Today, they handle upwards of 1,100 orders daily, with thousands more processed per day during peak times. They required a system that could handle these high quantities.
Scalability was another key factor in determining which fulfillment software solution Verde Fulfillment would select. It was essential that the platform they chose could not only handle their needs today but carry them through massive growth periods ahead. Switching fulfillment solutions can be a complicated task, so the Verde team wanted to ensure they had all the capabilities in place to carry them into the future.
Automation was a must-have on the Verde team’s list. Providing customers with the reporting they need to run their business was an essential element, as was producing reports in an efficient and timely manner.
To build or to buy: this was a big business decision the team had to make. Building a system in-house meant they could customize it to their exact needs, but would take significant investment. Purchasing an existing software solution meant that they needed to find a robust, reliable system that fit their unique needs.
Small VeraCore Arrow The Solution
VeraCore’s ability to handle high volumes of orders, with plenty of room to grow, was a significant factor in Verde’s decision-making process. This means that they could now scale indefinitely, without limitations on the volumes they could handle. 
Using VeraCore’s Dynamic Reporting capabilities, Verde is able to supply customers with customized, automated reports. These can be generated and sent automatically at set intervals (ie: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), eliminating the need for manual reporting.
Ultimately, the benefits of purchasing a fulfillment software solution outweighed those of building a system from scratch. Because VeraCore had all of the capabilities in place to handle Verde’s needs, there wasn’t a benefit to pouring resources into building and maintaining a system of their own. “VeraCore is constantly making enhancements,” said Verde Fulfillment CEO, Greg McRoberts. “If you have a good product, nobody will try to beat you at building a better one.”
Small VeraCore Arrow The Result
With solid technology in place, Verde now has the room they need to expand. They have more than tripled their average daily orders since they began their VeraCore implementation and continue growing rapidly. With a system in place to handle high quantities, they no longer worry about having the capacity to fill large volumes of orders.
The move to VeraCore has also given Verde more opportunities to win new business by taking on clients who require multiple warehousing facilities. By partnering with other warehouses who also utilize VeraCore software, Verde is able to supply their clients with the ability to see how much inventory they have in each warehouse location using a single portal. Furthermore,   VeraCore can automatically separate which facility the product will come from based on zip code, cutting down on shipping costs. This feature opens up Verde for future expansions and provides clients with a sophisticated, yet easy to use system. 
In addition to providing a robust platform with customizable reporting capabilities, VeraCore also has a helpful and receptive support staff. When new system enhancements are requested, VeraCore is open to these suggestions and is constantly making updates to the system based on client feedback. The VeraCore support team is quick to address any potential opportunities and find solutions. They understand that in order for business to run as effectively as possible, a strong system needs to be in place. Whether addressing opportunities, making updates and improvements, or troubleshooting, VeraCore acts as a true partner and is always ready to help.
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VeraCore is constantly making enhancements. If you have a good product, nobody will try to beat you at building a better one.

Greg McRoberts, Verde Fulfillment
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