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Roltime & VeraCore Help Australian Firm Expand to U.S.


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The Situation

An Australia-based based manufacturer of greeting cards and gift products was looking to break into the highly competitive U.S. market, in which a handful of long-entrenched competitors dominated the business.

After studying the U.S. market and potential channels for their products, the firm determined that the initial foray into U.S. would focus on small privately owned specialty shops, and hospital gift stores. To sell their products, the firm would use a network of manufacturer’s representatives that had established relationships with the buyers the card firm was targeting.

The Opportunity

With the target markets and sales channels established, the card company several big decisions to make –

  • How would the reps place sales orders?
  • How would the warehousing and order fulfillment be managed?
  • How would payments for the cards be managed?
  • How would commissions be tracked?

Given the nature of their products it was not feasible to ship orders from their headquarters in Australia. They would either need to open a distribution center in the U.S. or find the right partner to collaborate with.

They found their partner in Roltime Fulfillment and Mailing.

The Solution

Roltime, a full service mailing and fulfillment company located in the Atlanta metro area was able to offer the card company a complete solution for the U.S. expansion of their business. Roltime has been providing both B2B and B2C fulfillment services for nearly twenty years. The combination of Roltime’s experience, their spacious & well-ordered facility and their proximity to the Altanta shipping hub were all very appealing to the card manufacturer.

Roltime also had an ace-in-the-hole; The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution.

The greeting card company presented a great opportunity for Roltime, but the requirements were quite complex. With VeraCore, Roltime was able to offer the firm a comprehensive fulfillment program that included:

  • Secure Storefront for to Manufactures Reps to Order Cards
  • Ability to accept Credit Cards or let the reps opt to be billed
  • Ability to extend credit to the reps, track the receivables and manage cash receipts
  • Ability to track revenues by product line for calculating commissions
  • Management of all card and gift inventory and re-stock orders
  • Ability to fulfill card orders in a variety of pack quantities

The Results

Since the initial launch less than two years ago, Roltime has seen the client’s U.S. sales grow to well over one million dollars.

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Some fulfillment companies expect their clients to mold to fit their capabilities. We prefer to mold to fit our clients’ needs. VeraCore’s flexibility enables us to do that, and we don’t even need to have an IT person on staff.

Stephanie Carter, Roltime Fulfillment & Mailing
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