VeraCore: The Backbone Needed for Success


Everyone starts out crawling. Then we walk and later, run. Occasionally, some are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

That single-bound talk is a bit hyperbolic, but there’s no question that OneTouchPoint, formerly Ginny’s Printing, has grown to become a successful, top-shelf printer in Austin, Texas since its founding in 1971.

Similar to almost all businesses of whatever type, the printing industry has undergone broad and rapid change in the past two decades. Driven principally by technological innovation, that change remains a constant (so to speak) and OneTouchPoint uses tried-and-true tools of the trade to provide to its customers a level of service they need to satisfy their customers.

The printing company counts VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. among the important reasons its fulfillment customers keep coming back.

The Challenge

Earlier on, OnTouchPoint had developed its own system to handle and manage fulfillment and, for the while, it worked fine. But as more and more customers turned to OneTouchPoint for fulfillment that home-grown system proved wanting. OneTouchPoint heard about VeraCore and gave them a call.

The Solution

Over the course of four months, in 2006, the VeraCore sales team listened carefully to what OneTouchPoint's fulfillment customers expected the printer to do for them and it provided, as it customarily does for potential customers, several suggested solutions, trying this, adapting that, tailoring VeraCore to meet OneTouchPoint's customers’ specific needs. That cooperative back and forth between the two companies convinced OneTouchPoint that VeraCore was just the ticket needed to grow its fulfillment business.

The Results

Today, ever-changing technology, and increasing customer expectations which technology gives rise to, demand that OneTouchPoint's fulfillment capabilities stay always current, and VeraCore makes certain of that. OneTouchPoint takes smart advantage of VeraCore’s lifetime support program and, on average, will request support four or five times monthly to answer questions or resolve any minor issues that crop up. VeraCore is there to help implement big changes, too.

When OneTouchPoint's fulfillment customers wanted web-to-print, VeraCore worked with PageDNA to make that happen. As Jeff Campbell, OneTouchPoint’s director of e-commerce and major accounts executive, explained, “The folks at VeraCore once again did an outstanding job for us, helping with the integration with PageDNA. It was super fast and unbelievably simple to deploy.” He went on, “Considering this is the most complex thing a company can offer in web-based fulfillment, I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with VeraCore’s responsiveness, and how well it worked right out of the gate.”

Today, fulfillment is the fastest growing portion of the OneTouchPoint’s business. Its growth spurt is due in large measure to the working relationship OneTouchPoint has with VeraCore Software Solutions, an alliance that helped OneTouchPoint to win the 2009 Austin Ad Federation’s Best Fulfillment Direct Mail award.

As OneTouchPoint’s Jeff Campbell says, “VeraCore gives us the strong backbone we need to succeed.” And that’s as it should be. For it is, after all, precisely what VeraCore does for each of its more than 200 client companies: giving them a leg up, if not over tall buildings, over hurdles they face when providing seamless fulfillment programs for their customers, greasing the skids for literally thousands of distinct fulfillment programs administered every day for Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 customers, among others. That’s a big job, and since 1981 VeraCore has been handling it quite nicely.”

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