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Omnipress_LogoOmnipress was founded 40 years ago and quickly became the go-to communications service provider for associations, helping them to produce educational content. Today, Omnipress provides tools, technologies, services and expertise to hundreds of associations each year, helping them manage, produce and distribute print and digital content for conferences, training programs, and publications.

In their earlier years, Omnipress did not utilize a dedicated fulfillment software system. As business grew, they recognized that they would need a better way to manage orders and inventory. In researching their options for fulfillment solutions, VeraCore’s ability to offer both order management and warehouse management functionality within a single platform, along with their integration capabilities and history in print made them the clear choice. Since their VeraCore implementation,, Omnipress has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to evolve.

Small VeraCore Arrow The Challenge

Once Omnipress recognized the need for a fulfillment system, the team began building their list of must have items.

While Omnipress had warehouse space to grow, the team recognized that sustained growth would mean that they would need a better way to maintain their high levels of accuracy. With business shifting toward the conference, training and publication space, accuracy and efficiency were more imperative than ever to meet strict deadlines.

Growing their fulfillment business also meant facing technical challenges. Some clients did not have an ordering platform in place, while others had an existing ordering platform which needed to integrate with the fulfillment system Omnipress would ultimately select. A platform with easy shopping cart integrations was high on the priority list, along with having a single system that could handle both OMS (Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) capabilities. 

Small VeraCore Arrow The Solution

With both WMS and OMS capabilities and many integration options available, VeraCore emerged as the frontrunner in fulfillment systems. 

VeraCore’s WMS provides Omnipress with the tools they need to ensure they maintain the high levels of accuracy they were accustomed to providing, while the OMS has enabled them to tailor the system to the specific requirements of each organization they serve. 

When engaging with a new fulfillment client, one of the first steps in the process is establishing how the organization’s orders will be captured. Omnipress can now bring a range of options to the table. If the organization does not have an ordering platform, Omnipress is able to easily build a VeraCore portal, with functional requirements, business rules regarding access to materials and the organization’s branding guidelines in place. Omnipress can also provide the customer with a suite of management reports and dashboards which enable them to monitor and more effectively manage their programs.

If a customer has their own platform in place to capture orders, VeraCore can integrate with the platform they are using. This enables the organization’s system to transmit orders to Omnipress in real-time as well as retrieve inventory levels, order status and other critical data. 

Small VeraCore Arrow The Result

Omnipress has established itself as an industry leader, and their business continues to expand year after year.

VeraCore’s reporting capabilities have allowed Omnipress clients to gain more transparency and insight into their business than ever before. This has allowed them to make more informed business decisions, which has contributed to high levels of customer satisfaction. 

With OMS and WMS capabilities, the team can efficiently handle client needs with the tools and integrations required to handle nearly every fulfillment need.

Omnipress is now managing thousands of SKU’s in their warehouse and shipping thousands of orders each month - something they’re able to accomplish with a sophisticated fulfillment software system.


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The decision to implement VeraCore was a game changer. VeraCore is the foundation of our fulfillment offering, and enables us to provide cost-effective, high value-add solutions to the organizations we service.

Tracy Gundert, CEO, Omnipress
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