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Jet Mail’s Fulfillment Business Soars with VeraCore

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Jet Mail Inc. is a leader in the Direct Mail/Fulfillment industry, and has been for over a decade. Boasting state-of-the-art equipment, an experienced and knowledgeable management team and a staff that's committed to quality, Jet Mail is able to handle projects in a timely manner, regardless of size or complexity.

In addition to printing and mailing services, Jet Mail provides a full range of fulfillment services including: Warehousing, Order Fulfillment / Pick & Pack, Branded storefronts, Poly-bagging, as well as POP Displays. Their expertise has been the primary choice for hundreds of satisfied clients in the areas of finance, hi-tech, retail, entertainment, education, and not-for-profit.

Challenges & Opportunities

The limitations of the existing fulfillment system that Jet Mail had in place were starting to impede the growth of their fulfillment business. As they grew, they began to take on customers with increasingly complex requirements. They began to find their fulfillment software lacking in functionality, and they needed more robust on-line tools for their customers. Jet Mail needed a system that could take them to the proverbial “next level”, a more comprehensive system that was designed specifically to help manage highly complex order processing and fulfillment. Jet Mail also wanted a partner with a history of helping companies like theirs be successful in fulfillment.

The Solution

After extensive research and numerous discussions with members of The Association of Marketing Services Providers as well as a number of warehouse experts, Jet Mail found that VeraCore was the only solution that could handle everything they needed right out of the box.

With VeraCore offering most of what they needed, without costly customization, there was tremendous opportunity to achieve significant cost savings, while simultaneously improving their offering to customers. Having a cloud based (hosted), real-time system that provided comprehensive reporting and allowed customers direct access to run reports themselves would also be of tremendous value to Jet Mail.

“VeraCore is a true fulfillment solution, whereas other solutions offer fulfillment as a secondary feature,” stated Stephen Smith, Technology Director at Jet Mail. “Our fulfillment experts expected a certain feature set in a fulfillment software package; VeraCore had them all. It was clear that the team at VeraCore had taken years of customer and market feedback, and integrated it all into what is a truly complete fulfillment solution.”

The Result

In December, with a key prospect’s business in reach, they decided to go with VeraCore. By February they were live with the first client that they migrated over. “Having a direct line of communication with the VeraCore support team enabled us to have a very well executed and successful migration.” according to Smith. “The combination of VeraCore’s import tools, and the responsiveness of their support team helped to ensure that the migration was seamless.”

After the smooth migration, Jet Mail quickly realized that they now had far more flexibility in their order processing capabilities, and could configure the order processing to meet client specific requirements. They could also now offer more flexibility in the design of the client facing screens, segregate client data more effectively, automate the printing of pick & pack orders, and manage serially numbered items. These features all helped to streamline order processing and reduce time and costs associated with fulfilling their customer’s orders.

VeraCore’s ability to integrate with other solution has also proven to be a business advantage for Jet Mail. Integrating with Netsuite has attracted new customers. VeraCore’s integration with PageDNA will allow Jet Mail to keep its 8 Konica Minolta digital presses running round the clock by enabling clients to order both inventoried items and customized print-on-demand items (such as business cards) in a single shopping experience.

As expected, implementing VeraCore has helped Jet to realize substantial cost savings. The option to run VeraCore as a cloud based solution has allowed them to focus on their core business without significantly growing their IT infrastructure. Additionally, Jet Mail can now offer their clients several means of controlling their costs, such as order limits & approval functionality, user budgeting that allows for budgets to be set on a per user basis, and extensive reporting capabilities that eliminate the need for customized reports.

"Our mindset has shifted from we probably can’t do it, to let me confirm and get back to you as I believe we can help you,” Smith stated. “We are getting into conversations with prospects that we could not before because of the depth of what VeraCore enables us to offer.”


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Jet Mail is located in Hudson, MA. Visit Jet Mail's website.

We are getting into conversations with prospects that we could not before because of the depth of what VeraCore enables us to offer.

Stephen Smith, Jet Mail
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