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The Situation

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Cox Printers, located in Linden, New Jersey, is one of the state’s oldest and most well respected graphic communications firms. Operating in one of the most competitive regions in the country, and specializing in one of the most

 demanding verticals, banking & financial services, Cox Printers has managed not only to survive the economic turmoil of recent years, but to thrive and grow.

They’ve done so by positioning themselves as an extension of each of their clients’ businesses and by continually seeking ways to do more for their clients. So when an opportunity arose to improve their fulfillment and distribution of all literature and forms for one of the state’s largest banks, it was no surprise that Cox jumped at the chance.

The Challenge

Cox Printers had been supplying all printing and fulfillment services to the regional bank for many years. This included the printing and distribution of hundreds of forms and collateral items used by their branches, as well as the material used by the bank's financial division. With this much inventory to manage, Cox was looking to make improvements in the way materials were distributed to the bank's ever growing number of branches. The team at Cox anticipated the need to invest in a rock-solid warehouse management system. However, inventory management was only part of the story.

For years, the bank had relied mainly on phone and email communications to manage the process of replenishing their numerous forms and reports used by its many branches. Cox Printers was looking to streamline the ordering process with a solution that would allow branch managers to order their materials online. The managers would also need to order personalized items, such as business cards, that would be printed on demand and shipped together with the other items in the order. The bank had similar requirements for its financial services division, but with a completely different suite of product offerings.

Beyond simply needing an on-line ordering platform, the bank’s marketing department would need access to the detailed information required to support their business decisions. This included information related to the forms and literature, such as inventory levels and item utilization, as well as the activity levels for each of the branches. In addition, they hoped to be able to perform basic administrative functions as the need arose, without having to depend on their fulfillment vendor for every little thing.

The Solution

The team at Cox began the process of identifying and vetting potential systems that would satisfy the bank’s requirements and that would also position Cox to take on any other fulfillment opportunity that presented itself. After an exhaustive selection process, the decision was made to implement The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution.

VeraCore would enable Cox to provide the bank with an on-line platform that allows the branch managers and financial service professionals to easily order their forms and literature. VeraCore’s ability to integrate with PageDNA’s cloud based web-to-print platform meant that the branch managers would be able to order their business cards from the same platform, while VeraCore’s back-end warehouse management capabilities support barcode technology and integrate with UPS Worldship. This ensured that the Cox fulfillment team could accurately and efficiently fill each of the bank’s orders.

In addition, with VeraCore's customizable access levels, the bank’s marketing department would have real-time access to all of the detailed information they required to support their decision making, as well as the ability to independently perform basic day-to-day administrative functions. VeraCore’s high-level reports and dashboards would support long-term planning at the bank’s corporate office.

The Solution

The benefits of implementing VeraCore were felt immediately, by both the Cox fulfillment team and by their client, who easily adopted the new technology. Cox’s President Mike Kaufman explained, “It has really been a win-win for both Cox and our clients. By moving everything on-line we’ve eliminated all the back-and-forth, which saves time and money for all of us!”

Cox’s account executives have enthusiastically embraced the change as well. When visiting with prospects they can easily access a VeraCore demo site to show off the arsenal of tools they bring to the table, illustrating one the many way's that Cox is a total solution provider.

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Download Case Study in PDF Format

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