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CFS Boosts Customer Satsisfaction with VeraCore

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Executive Summary

CFS began their VeraCore implementation in 2003 after re-evaluating their home-grown system. Amongst their needs for a new fulfillment software were real-time processes, automated reporting and scalability. With VeraCore, CFS was able to reach these goals and have experienced increased customer satisfaction as a result. Winning new business and exceeding customer expectations have become simpler by offering the latest advancements in technology.

The Challenge

As CFS began evaluating their business needs, it became clear that in order to gain efficiencies in workflow, revamping their inventory and warehouse management program was essential. While their home-grown system was successful, it did not take advantage of many advancements in technology. 

After weighing the pros and cons of re-writing their existing system versus utilizing an outside vendor to meet their needs, they decided to search outside the company for a solution in order to stay competitive. 

On their wish list:

  • Real-time processes with audit trails 
  • Automated data reporting with option to extrapolate raw data 
  • Flexibility to meet unique client needs such as budgets, restrictions and FIFO valuation 
  • Scalability to match the growth of the business 

The Solution

CFS set out to find a fulfillment and warehouse management tool that they could rely on as the backbone of their entire operation. The ideal solution was a real-time, web-based system that provided comprehensive warehouse management, automated reporting, and the ability to allow customers direct access to run reports on their own. VeraCore checked all these boxes.

The Result

Since 2003, CFS has run their organization with VeraCore and has benefited from significant operational efficiencies as a result. With a real-time, web-based system, CFS customer inquiries have been reduced significantly and reporting is now completely automated, freeing up resources and allowing CFS to reallocate staff to other functions.

RFP success rates have increased dramatically, and fulfillment clients and projects that the CFS team may have previously passed on have become viable opportunities because of VeraCore’s capabilities. 

Throughout the years, CFS has grown with VeraCore, taking advantage of new enhancements. 

  • E-commerce Integrations have enabled growth with minimal impact to administrative labor
  • OMS & WMS file uploads have trimmed days from the client on-boarding process 
  • High volume processing would not be possible without VeraCore 
  • Shopping Cart functionality has allowed CFS to create custom carts for each of its customers, which has resulted in increased customer satisfaction. This has also become a new profit center for CFS

75% of CFS fulfillment clients are using VeraCore shopping carts

100% of CFS financial fulfillment clients utilize FIFO valuation

100% of CFS purchase orders flow through VeraCore


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We rely on VeraCore at the core of our business. It allows us to provide the level of service, flexibility, efficiency and reliability our customers expect.

Kelly Newcomb, CFS
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