Brainstorm Group Case Study

Brainstorm Group Deploys VeraCore to Optimize Fulfillment and Warehouse Management

Brainstorm Group LogoThe Brainstorm Group provides a unique service designed to increase corporate marketing productivity. Founded in 2001, the Brainstorm Group’s goal is to take tasks off their customers’ plate and put them onto theirs, with complete confidence. While their core business is warehouse storage, fulfillment, print & copy services, they have created a network of vendors who share their dedication to customer service, quality and value in order to provide services as broad and unlimited as the imagination and needs of their customers.

The Challenge

The inventory management and fulfillment system that the Brainstorm Group had in place was Excel based and was becoming very cumbersome, error-prone, and inaccurate as their customer requirements became more complex. Their biggest fulfillment client was requesting more online tools to be able to place orders, run reports, view inventory balances, and review costs before placing orders. This client also had several divisions that each had their own inventory and unique set of business rules. They needed the flexibility to segregate the divisions, and meet the needs of each – which includes different inventory item displays, order limits, a separate set of reports, and a completely different look & feel. It became clear that in addition to solving the human error issues, the Brainstorm Group needed to change their current system if they were going to meet their customer’s requirements.

The Solution

The Brainstorm Group discovered that VeraCore could ensure they were managing their customer’s inventory correctly and that orders were sent out accurately – without having to manually review everything. Providing customers online access to their inventory, as well as shopping cart functionality were two other key components that VeraCore would bring to the Brainstorm Group. VeraCore would also allow them to take advantage of a hosted solution as a way to reduce their internal IT costs, and ensure a highly available environment for their clients. Finding a systems that was a real-time, web based system that provided comprehensive warehouse management, automated reporting, as well as the ability to allow customers direct access to their inventory was of tremendous value to the Brainstorm Group.

“VeraCore helped us retain the customers that were looking for this functionality; our competitors were starting to offer similar features, so having all the functionality in one system was very helpful for us,” stated Dan Segovia, General Manager at the Brainstorm Group.

The Result

After only 5 months with VeraCore in place, the Brainstorm Group has been able to provide the online access, visibility and reporting capabilities to their customers, while eliminating the costly operational inefficiencies that existed prior to its deployment. Some of the immediate benefits that the Brainstorm Group has seen with VeraCore include:

  • Leveraging the tools available in VeraCore to customize on-line solutions to match their newly designed website, and any client branding needs. The option to use HTLM & CSS editing allowed them to create truly customized sites using the VeraCore storefront as a framework.
  • Easily setting up their client with multiple divisional websites without a lot of programming, meeting all their requirements for different inventory item displays, order limits, unique reports, and entirely different branding.
  • The ability to determine shipping and handling costs in real time, so that customers could get an accurate estimate of the cost of their orders.
  • The VeraCore product training sessions were extremely helpful, as they reinforced what they thought they learned on their own, and made the whole transition easier.

“VeraCore streamlined the whole production process for us,” according to Segovia, “our team doesn’t need to walk around the warehouse to find items and can now tell exactly where they are. This has reduced related labor costs and helped in finding lost items.”

In addition to successfully meeting all the needs of their biggest fulfillment services client, they’ve added a number of new clients. The Brainstorm Group sees fulfillment as a big area of growth, and so far VeraCore has helped them accomplish their goal of expanding their business in this area.

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