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Fulfillment Pro Tips for a Successful 2021

1. Nominate team members to drive continuous improvement

We noticed a pattern in common with our most successful customers. They all have key players on each team whose job it is to continuously improve processes. They make it their mission to see that every area of the warehouse and front office is working at optimal efficiency.  

These team members that focus on continuous improvement are instrumental in overseeing processes and measuring their effectiveness.  

If you’re struggling to get processes optimized, this is a great way to drive meaningful change. 

2. Use flexible technology and avoid custom programming

Our next tip could be a myth buster. In fulfillment, clients are creative and often have unique needs. Unfortunately, these unique needs may not work neatly with some order and warehouse management applications. If you are not using flexible technology you may hear some companies talk about custom programming. If you’re having conversations with different software providers and hearing these words – don’t be discouraged. 

Getting your OMS/WMS to work for your warehouse with VeraCore does NOT require custom programming. Our fulfillment experts thoughtfully designed our OMS and WMS with your needs in mind.  

VeraCore OMS/WMS will help you simplify things through easy to define rules and settings straight from the interface.  

Whether you need business rules, batch processing, or barcode scanning, you’re in complete control of your warehouse operation.  

3. Help your clients deliver on their unique CX

To say that e-Commerce is highly competitive is an understatement. Your clients are looking for creative ways to stand out from the crowd and delight end-consumers. Today being ‘delighted’ has taken on a life of its own as the ‘unboxing’ experience has become a new form of marketing consumers have come to expect from a brand/product.  

Delivering a great product with a unique customer experience (CX) is just one of the many needs your clients have today. Others might be promotional inserts, special packing materials or custom packing slips.  

With the help of rules-based automation, your clients can deliver a unique CX that is consistent with their brand, memorable and easy to put in place.  

CX client requests you can automate: 

  • Add a postcard or coupon card to a specific order
  • Instruct warehouse workers to use special packing materials 
  • Include a free gift or samples with specific orders  
  • Customized labels for products tailored to end-consumers 

The unique requests mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. You can automate any complex client requests if you’re using a flexible, rules-based solution. Whether you have ten or ten thousand complex client needs to manage, you can automate the request so that you can run a lean operation.  

Brian Parrillo | Vice President of Sales

Brian Parrillo is Vice President of Sales at VeraCore.

He has over 19 years of experience in the fulfillment industry and has helped hundreds of 3PLs reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, and optimize their overall business processes.

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