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Get the Most Out of Your Team During the Great Resignation

Labor is one of your largest operating costs, and with the current labor shortage, these costs are rising. By having the right Order Management System and Warehouse Management System in place, you can minimize the effects of low employment without sacrificing performance.

An OMS and WMS like VeraCore can help you maximize the efficiency of your workforce. VeraCore customers are benefiting from:

Automated Decision-Making

Automated Decision-Making

Replace manual processes with automation. Set rules so orders can automatically flow through the warehouse based on the needs of your business and your customers.

Increased Picking Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

Use the most effective picking techniques to maximize throughput. Customize strategy based on item size, velocity, facility layout, client-specific requirements, and more.

Reduced Errors

Reduced Errors

Barcode technology and a robust system of checks and balances will help you squeeze costly errors out of your fulfillment process and protect your bottom line.

Brian Parrillo | Vice President of Sales

Brian Parrillo is Vice President of Sales at VeraCore.

He has over 19 years of experience in the fulfillment industry and has helped hundreds of 3PLs reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, and optimize their overall business processes.

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