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Efficiency Through Fulfillment Automation

The 3PL business is low-margin. If you are a fulfillment service provider, you understand the importance of optimizing efficiencies. In order to maximize profitability, it is extremely important to reduce manual touch points in your process. One way to do this is through fulfillment automation. As a result, you are able to run as lean as possible.

The right fulfillment technology is key to reducing these manual touch-points. This allows you to automate your order processing through pre-defined rules.

Orders are coming in from various clients and various sources throughout the day. How your organize and process these orders for pick, pack, and ship is crucial to optimizing efficiency.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Someone from your team needs to access your software and push a button to release orders. 
  • Orders are not organized in a way where they can be picked quickly and accurately.

If you can relate to these scenarios, you are wasting time. You must be able to set a rule, and have your system automatically release your orders for fulfillment. As a result, your orders are automatically organized, saving time by reducing manual interaction. This automation also helps to optimize picking routes, reduce packing time, and shorten the time it takes to generate shipping labels.

The VeraCore white paper on intelligent order processing/fulfillment automation speaks to some of the key functionality in this area. However, it doesn’t nearly cover all scenarios. If your staff is manually releasing orders now,  or if you feel you can be more efficient in your order processing, picking, packing and shipping workflow, contact VeraCore for a quick conversation. We love to solve problems!

Brian Parrillo | Vice President of Sales

Brian Parrillo is Vice President of Sales at VeraCore.

He has over 19 years of experience in the fulfillment industry and has helped hundreds of 3PLs reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, and optimize their overall business processes.

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