January 30, 2018 - Intandem Solutions Gains Productivity with VeraCore

Rocky Hill, CT – January 30, 2018 – VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. announced today that Olean, New York-based fulfillment leader, Intandem Solutions, has selected VeraCore as their fulfillment software system.

Over the past 30 years, Intandem Solutions has become a leader in third-party logistics, order fulfillment and customized supply chain management solutions. Intandem is committed not only to providing the highest level of services, but to providing paid train-to-work opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

As demand for real-time visibility in areas such as order tracking and product inventory increases, Intandem Solutions is taking steps to ensure they meet those needs. Their VeraCore implementation will not only improve on the customer experience, but will also help increase efficiency by eliminating manual procedures. “In selecting a fulfillment solution, VeraCore’s robust capabilities, flexibility and ease of use were what ultimately helped us make the decision,” said Kathy Melvin, Intandem Solutions Sales Director. “We’re confident that VeraCore will drive us into the future and supply us with the tools we need to continue to flourish.”

Denise Lunden, VeraCore President added, “We’re honored to work with a company with such dedication to their business and community and eager to see them continue to grow.”


About VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc.

VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. has been providing order fulfillment and warehouse management software to fulfillment companies, printers, e-retailers and marketing service providers for over thirty years. Their software solutions are found at the center of thousands of fulfillment programs across a wide range of industries. Visit for more information.

About Intandem Solutions

Intandem Solutions is an established and respected social enterprise on the East Coast. Over the past 35 years, they have provided integrated, value-added packaging, assembly, fulfillment, warehousing and last-mile distribution expertise across multiple markets and industries. Intandem has been recognized for providing high quality third-party logistics business services while creating social good by providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. They are committed to meeting customers’ requirements through a highly motivated workforce of people who have successfully overcome employment barriers. Learn more at

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